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Robin Ridge Farms

RRF Black Wagyu - Short Ribs

RRF Black Wagyu - Short Ribs

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The Short Ribs are a crowd favorite. They can be slow-cooked, braised, smoked, or other creative means for cooking. They're great for feeding a family and entertaining!

Be sure to see the multiple size options!

Family package - 3.5-5 lbs

Smaller package - 1.5-3 lbs

You will want to taste the flavor and tenderness of the wagyu beef. F1 Angus-Wagyu cross beef (50% angus/50% wagyu) has incredible DNA markers that increase marbling and tenderness. 

Quick notes about placing orders:

We offer local pick up and delivery (on orders over $30) on all beef & blooms products at this time. In order to have local delivery, you will select shipping as an option and then once your order is over $30 you will have the option for local delivery. We are hopeful to offer shipping for beef in the VERY near future! 

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