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We are Ben and Savannah Robin, owners and operators of Robin Ridge Farms. Tucked away in the bluegrass of Bourbon County, Kentucky, our farm is a product of our passion. Growing up, agriculture and the love of the land were ingrained into our hearts. Therefore, when we began dating, we knew it would be our destiny. While both of our families have been involved in agriculture, this venture is all our own. Our values are rooted in our love for Jesus Christ, and the word of God provides us our guiding principles.

Although we love the farm and the agriculture industry, our greatest adventure is raising our children. We are raising some of the most independent, spirited, smart, and funny young girls on this earth. We pray that our work ethic, love for serving others and our interest in lifelong learning will be an example for them as they grow up.

Our cow/calf operation is continuing to grow and we are looking to expand into new ventures. Like many other agriculturalists, we both have full-time positions off the farm. Ben’s strengths lie in both production agriculture and business management, while Savannah is an agricultural educator and advocate by trade. While we have polar opposite personalities (Ben is extremely introverted, while Savannah is extremely extroverted), we have joined forces and combined our skills to create what we hope to be a business that can help feed the world and share the story of the agriculture industry.

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